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Inkjet printhead technology for industrial use

Realizing printheads suitable for various manufacturing processes based on ink compatibility and precision machining technology

Inkjet technology for industrial use

monozukuri by inkjet technology

On-demand monozukuri and supply chain reform are needed. For example, in the printed circuit board industry, Konica Minolta’s inkjet technology backed by chemical and precision processing capabilities assists customers in resolving issues, such as reducing patterning processes in the manufacturing process, eliminating volatile organic compounds/waste liquid, and greatly improving the work environment. Furthermore, by applying this inkjet technology to the fields of direct patterning on three-dimensional objects, 3D printing, and bioprinters, which are new forms of monozukuri, Konica Minolta helps customers create value and use limited resources effectively.

Technology Overview

Konica Minolta’s inkjet technology combines chemical capabilities cultivated through the manufacture of films, precision processing technology developed through the manufacture of cameras, and the ability to adapt to customers gained over the years in industry. Konica Minolta leverages these three technologies, leads the way in monozukuri by inkjet technology, and reforms customers’ workflows. Our technological advantages in industrial applications include the material compatibility against of inks for jetting of solvents and acid and alkali substances, inks offering a wide selection of viscosities, high-accuracy and high-resolution printing, high productivity, high reliability, and the ability to propose solutions to customers achieved by matching between heads and inks.

IJ component business

Introduction to the IJ component business

History of the IJ component business

History of the IJ component business

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