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Creating new value for people and society

Konica Minolta is committed to meeting the needs of global customers and helping people fulfill their dreams. We do so by using imaging technologies, which have been continuously refined over nearly 150 years in the camera and photography business. As we see other companies face the challenges of digital transformation, we integrate our core technologies with cutting-edge AI and IoT to keep creating new value for people and society.

Creating new value for people and society
Inspiring global innovation through co-creation

Inspiring global innovation through co-creation

To meet diverse needs, in Japan we focus on the development of our four core technologies (imaging, materials, optics, and nano-fabrication) in coordination with IoT. We are also working on AI solutions and digital services for offices and the digital industry in Europe and the United States, to increase global collaboration and leverage our strengths in these regions.
We will continue to address various issues faced by customers and offer value to society by combining Konica Minolta’s technology development capabilities with the technical know-how of our partners and respective business channels.

Contributing to a Sustainable Society

Many social issues have emerged, including demographic changes, higher social security costs, climate change, and resource depletion. Konica Minolta has identified five material issues that must be addressed urgently toward 2030. By focusing on these, we aim to contribute to society through technology development, while meeting the visualization needs of customers.

Looking ahead to 2030

Konica Minolta’s R&D

Konica Minolta’ R&D
Looking ahead to 2030

Providing customer value to satisfy hopes
and desires to “see”


Optimizing workflows, improving business productivity, and reinforcing information security


Improving printing site workflows and marketing ROI


Improving primary care efficiency and diagnosis quality, reducing healthcare costs, and improving patients’ QoL


Improving industrial product quality and manufacturing site productivity

Looking ahead to 2030

Solving social issues

Material issues

Improving fulfillment in work and corporate dynamismImproving fulfillment in work and corporate dynamism
Supporting healthy, high-quality livingSupporting healthy, high-quality living
Ensuring social safety and securityEnsuring social safety and security
Addressing climate changeAddressing climate change
Using limited resources effectivelyUsing limited resources effectively

Future social issues

  • Increasingly short business lifecycles
  • Labor shortages, aging, and depopulation in developed countries
  • The threat of terrorism and natural disaster
  • Growing healthcare costs and social welfare spending
  • Shortages of doctors
  • Shortages of caregivers
  • Rising information security risk
  • Aging social infrastructure
  • Climate change
  • Natural resource depletion