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3D image analysis technology

Improving the workflow and increasing the efficiency of security services by 3D scanning and moving object analysis technology

3D image analysis technology

Advanced security based on space detection using 3D LiDAR

The security industry suffers a chronic manpower shortage due to the shrinking population, declining birthrate, and aging population.

The 3D LiDAR (3D laser radar) developed by Konica Minolta delivers outstanding detection performance even outdoors (at night, in sunlight, or exposed to headlights) where general cameras cannot capture images properly. The proprietary 3D image analysis enables advanced detection of intruders with minimal false alerts and missing alerts. This solution improves the workflow and increases the efficiency of the security service.

Technology Overview

The 3D gapless point cloud data is obtained by original 3D scanning optics technology, which has been refined in the camera and MFP businesses. The obtained data undergoes real-time edge processing in the system to obtain the position and size of moving objects in the space. Our proprietary algorithm can remove small animals and flying objects as noise based on the information and issue alerts only when designated targets, such as people and vehicles, enter specified areas.

<p>Sensing is possible even in bad weather.</p>
<p>The detection results are not affected by ambient light in the field of view.</p>

Sensing is possible even in bad weather.

The detection results are not affected by ambient light in the field of view.

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