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Technical Classification: Technologies of ICT / IoT

  • Highly versatile robot technology that revolutionizes manufacturing sites

    Meeting diverse needs by automating the production of smaller quantities of diverse products

  • Data analytics and sensing technology for remote maintenance

    Constantly ensuring stable operation of customers’ MFPs through remote diagnosis

  • Technology to support digitalization of education

    Realizing high-quality education by using ICT and education data

  • Information security technology focusing on MFPs

    Solutions to prevent information leakage via MFPs based on virus scanning and SIEM linkage

  • Modern application development technology

    Implementing “Knowledge DX” throughout society by utilizing BizDevOps

  • MFPs equipped with the latest SoC (System-on-a-Chip) and cloud linkage technologies

    Office work productivity improved by MFPs featuring cutting-edge technologies

  • Odor detection technology

    Reproducing the mechanism from perception to cognition of the human olfactory system by using sensors and AI

  • Technology to automatically make proposals for energy conservation at plants

    Promoting energy conservation globally by diagnosing the potential energy saving effects and eliminating dependence on individual know-how

  • Non-Destructive Testing(NDT) for internal steels of bridges using magnetic and IoT

    Contributing to the maintenance of social infrastructure

  • IoT and DX of production sites: image recognition technology that visualizes unsafe behavior

    Offering a safety behavior support system that visualizes the behavior of on-site workers

  • Infrared image analysis technology

    Visualizing invisible gases to ensure security and safety and reduce greenhouse gas emissions

  • 3D image analysis technology

    Improving the workflow and increasing the efficiency of security services by 3D scanning and moving object analysis technology

  • DX of nursing care sites: behavior detection technology

    Improving the productivity and quality of care at nursing care sites by measuring behavior through image recognition

  • Platform technology for next-generation video projection services for dome theaters

    Digital distribution of video content for planetariums via the network and cloud

  • AI-OCR technology

    Digitization of handwritten documents by image analysis