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Modern application development technology

Implementing “Knowledge DX” throughout society by utilizing BizDevOps

Agile development scheme “BizDevOps” continues to grow by accurately grasping market needs

Ensuring smart DX (digital transformation) of the preparation and operation of clear, communicable manuals by using modern web technologies, and supporting efficient and effective human resource development and the handing-down of skills

Konica Minolta supports ever-changing workstyles and the reform of workflows by offering various services utilizing modern web technologies.

“COCOMITE,” which started commercial operation in 2020, is the service of preparing and operating online manuals developed in-house to be provided on the cloud. Focusing on solving issues related to human resource development and the handing-down of skills, COCOMITE is designed for efficiently preparing and operating known operation manuals.

Since its first release with these basic functions, COCOMITE has evolved into an online manual collaboration tool and is constantly being improved with new functions and improvements reflecting the views of customers and analysis of access logs.

User interface of COCOMITE

Technology Overview

COCOMITE is SaaS that uses modern application development and cloud technologies.

Since its first release, the planning, marketing, sales, and customer success departments have been working with DevOps to continue the planning and verification of new functions and improvements for businesses and products.

COCOMITE is also in the process of being established as the agile development scheme “BizDevOps,” which accurately grasps market needs by quantitatively analyzing access log data and qualitatively analyzing the views of customers obtained from questionnaires, all to help customers achieve success.

Scrum development cycle operating in COCOMITE

In scrum development carried out in one-week cycles, GTM (product planning, sale) and QA (quality planning) participate from the upstream stage with roles and responsibilities assigned and work as a team.

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