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Technology for enhancing the durability of IJ printheads

Compatibility with a wide variety of inks ensured by our original material design technology

Technology for enhancing the durability of IJ printheads

IJ printheads can withstand diverse uses, suitable for water-based inks and industrial applications.

The IJ system is a printing technology compatible with any type of medium and is increasingly being used in diverse industrial fields. As applications expand, IJ printheads are positioned as digital devices for jetting functional liquids on demand. Thus, they must be able to continue to jet inks without deterioration caused by chemical reactions even when using a wide variety of ink types, including UV-curing inks, oil-based inks, solvents, and water-based inks. Konica Minolta has achieved high durability against various ink types by combining precision-processed IJ printheads with material technology know-how.

Technology Overview

The paths and exteriors of IJ printheads are composed of various materials, which are microstructured and assembled by precision-processing technology, one of our core technologies, in order to achieve the desired injection performance and circulating function. For Konica Minolta’s IJ printheads, these structural components are coated with a material having high liquid contact durability or mutually joined to ensure compatibility with inks used in a wide range of fields, from low-viscosity inks such as water-based inks, to high-viscosity inks such as UV-curing inks, as well as inks for industrial applications for highly erosive materials.

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