Inkjet dyeing technology that eliminates wastewater disposal

Konica Minolta has created an eco-friendly dyeing technology that reduces wastewater and its disposal.

Material design technology for eco-friendly toner

New chemical toner that helps customers save energy and improve productivity

High-accuracy far-infrared glass lens technology

Earth- and user-friendly high-accuracy FIR glass lenses

Inkjet technology for commercial printing

Earth-friendly digital press capable of handling various commercial printing jobs

Ink-non-contact PZT actuator technology

Long-term durability against a wide variety of functional inks and improved safety of discharged inks by a lead-free technology

Cerium oxide abrasive recycling technology

Effective use and recycling of rare earth materials

Material analysis technologies

Technologies for communicating with “materials = substances”

Materials Informatics (MI)/Process Informatics (PI)

Core technologies combined with informatics

Inkjet technology for industrial use

monozukuri by inkjet technology

Solution casting technology for optical films

Polymeric optical film-casting methods and transform from TAC to SANUQI

High-durability hydrophilic coating technology

High-durability hydrophilic coating for clear view

High-sensitivity quantitative protein analysis technology

A new method of tissue staining for quantitative and highly sensitive analysis