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Technology to support digitalization of education

Realizing high-quality education by using ICT and education data

Technology to support digitalization of education by utilizing ICT and education data

Building a society where each child’s learning progress is watched over by using data from ICT and AI technology

As cutting-edge technologies such as the IoT and artificial intelligence (AI) continue to evolve in society, schools are increasingly expected to use these technologies effectively.
To help resolve issues faced by teachers at schools by using Konica Minolta’s AI technologies, since 2019 we have been working on a demonstration project of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology regarding using cutting-edge technologies in schools.
“tomoLinks” a comprehensive solution that offers learning support and analysis services for educational institutions, aims to widely deploy educational DX and contributes to personalized collaborative and exploratory learning that enables diverse children to be connected with society with no one left behind.

Technology Overview

The “learning analysis services” of tomoLinks consist of “class diagnosis” and “achievement analysis.”
“Class diagnosis” visualizes the class situation based on objective data, such as image and audio data. It produces a diagnosis report, which chronologically compiles the class organization based on the teacher-student speaking ratio and data on raising hands, posture, line of sight, and position. Teachers can use the data to review the details of education and make improvements.
“Achievement analysis” helps analyze the strengths and weaknesses of each child based on their individual achievement data, and presents a forecast scenario and “prescription” for making progress. This enables teachers to carefully check each student in class based on their achievement trend in each subject and unit.
These services improve the education offered by teachers and the quality of learning by children. They realize “personalized learning” to meet the differing personalities of children.

Example of image analysis of the class diagnosis service

Example of analysis results and learning prescription in the achievement analysis service

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