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Information security technology focusing on MFPs

Solutions to prevent information leakage via MFPs based on virus scanning and SIEM linkage

Information security technology

Protecting important information assets from security risks in daily operations by using cutting-edge security technologies, and reducing the workload of IT administrators

With the spread of remote working and the increasing sophistication of cyberattacks, the conventional wisdom that an in-house network is safe behind a firewall no longer applies; it is now essential to monitor the status of devices connected to the network and check for abnormalities.
Konica Minolta incorporates technologies for protecting against threats into products that are connected to networks, such as printers and IoT devices, to offer security and safety to customers.

Technology Overview

Virus detection technology

First MFPs in the industry incorporating a virus scanning function

Virus scanning technology

The risk of cyberattacks, which are a threat to business management, has been growing. Like PCs and servers, MFPs are also expected to protect the office environment as IoT devices.
The “bizhub i series” are the first MFPs in the industry to incorporate virus detection technology. The virus scanning engine (from Bitdefender), which achieves a high detection rate in AV-TEST, prevents infection of MFPs and spread to other PCs and servers. Thus, these MFPs prevent other devices from being used as stepping stones for theft of information from companies.
The virus scanning engine constantly monitors the data exchanged between MFPs and the external environment through various interfaces. It immediately detects viruses and malware that intrude into MFPs in offices and performs automatic processing, including deletion of files. It also scans the files in MFPs on a regular basis and detects potential risks, including files that pose risks. This ensures office security and meets the needs of customers who demand security in their offices.

Konica Minolta Bitdefender Antivirus

SIEM linkage technology

Incorporating a log transmission function using Syslog

SIEM linkage

The SIEM linkage is used to monitor and manage the operation status of devices, including IoT devices. Notably, it enables centralized management and accumulation of the operation status records of devices, which are subject to the SIEM linkage, and detects and analyzes abnormalities. It analyzes various data, automatically detects events that are likely to pose threats, and notifies administrators.
This system visualizes security threats to devices and obtains the log in real time, making it possible to quickly cope with incidents.
Konica Minolta has incorporated the log transmission function using Syslog, which is the standard protocol, so that MFPs can be managed by SIEM as IoT devices. This enables centralized management of access monitoring, such as “login outside working hours, including late at night” and “high-volume scanning late at night.” IT administrators can take appropriate action for MFPs and other IoT devices.
Log formats, such as CEF and LEEF, can be used for transmission, and linkage with various SIEM applications can be achieved.

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