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Co-Creation, R&D Base

Co-Creation to Introduce Innovations to the World

Konica Minolta has five co-creation sites and 19 development bases worldwide. In Japan, its development efforts focus on honing and combining its four core technologies (imaging, materials, optics and nano-fabrication) and IoT technology. In Europe and the United States, Konica Minolta is focusing on solution development and office AI services.
Through co-creation, Konica Minolta, by leveraging these technologies and working with its partners, will continue to solve diverse challenges faced by customers and provide value to society.

Co-creation Bases   Major Development Bases

Co-creation Bases

Konica Minolta has set up co-creation spaces in many locations to promote communication with its customers. Come and experience the technologies and let’s find solutions together.



Major Development Bases

This page describes the major development bases of Konica Minolta and their programs. Konica Minolta is constantly refining its products and services through its global research and development (R&D) system spanning 19 sites worldwide.



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Asia Pacific