Overhead view-based behavior detection technology

Unobtrusive measurement of the behavior of a care receiver; a DX support for nursing care sites

Improved productivity at nursing care sites and improved quality of nursing care

Konica Minolta offers HitomeQ Care Support as a total solution which consists a platform incorporating image sensors and smartphones, and an operation service to assist innovative nursing care.

Technology Overview

The behavior analysis sensor of HitomeQ Care Support uses a detection technology that combines multiple image processing and image recognition techniques. First, a behavior detection process is followed as primary determination using a silhouette processing-based person detection technology and a model which incorporates silhouette shapes and temporal changes as characteristic quantities. Then, by applying AI technology that computes coordinates for the head and joint points from the person’s images, HitomeQ Care Support infers the posture of the care receiver and predicts how the posture will change, in order to improve the accuracy of the behavior detection.

Using this technology, it is also possible to visualize data on bodily functions of the care receiver, such as moving speed and unsteadiness of walking in the room.

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