Digital Workplace

Improve business productivity by responding to diverse work styles and business needs

Cutting-edge technologies for next-generation MFPs equipped with the latest SoC (System on Chip)

Next-generation MFPs featuring cutting-edge technologies, such as the latest SoC, strengthened linkage with the cloud, and automatic setting of paper types

High-speed high-accuracy scanning technology

Electronic skew correction technology for high-speed high-accuracy digitization of documents by detecting and correcting the skew (inclination) of original documents

AI-OCR technology

Intelligent Document Processing

Providing safe and secure office environment

Data analytics and sensing technology for remote maintenance

Analysis of the status of devices on the market through a combination of sensing-based functional value detection technology and data statistics analysis technology

Information security technology

Virus detection technology and SIEM linkage technology

Supporting work styles by improving business workflow

Technology to support digitalization of education by utilizing ICT and education data

Data collection and analysis technology offers high-quality education by using education data and physical data obtained through class and learning activities

Agile development scheme “BizDevOps” continues to grow by accurately grasping market needs

Modern application and cloud technology put to full use in SaaS continuous planning and development by BizDevOps

Reducing environmental impact and solving social issues

Recycling technology that expands the potential of waste plastics

High purification technology, and Recycling technology that can upgrade material properties, to minimize environmental loads

Air cushioning system technology

Air cushioning system technology to absorb impact energy in the form of heat, which is generated by the movement and compression of air, using multiple airbags connected by a proprietary structure.