Professional Print

Expand customer's business by providing the highest productivity and quality in the industory

High-speed high-image-quality electrophotographic technology and high-speed paper feeding technology

Digital electrophotographic technology that delivers the highest productivity and image quality in the industry

Digital on-demand label printing technology

Web fed Printing technology, which is essential for label printing

Inkjet technology for commercial printing

Inkjet technology that realizes high image quality and high productivity which is comparable to offset printing

Transforming the industry's supply chain and preserve the global environment

Inkjet dyeing technology that eliminates wastewater disposal

Dry process ink technology reduces wastewater to zero during dyeing

Reducing environmental impact and solving social issues

Material design technology for eco-friendly toner

Technology for combining functional materials for toner, which reduces energy during manufacture and printing

Adding value to printing and maximizing commercial printing productivity

Technology for quantifying printed image quality and diagnosing signs of defects

Image analysis and diagnosis technology that quantifies image defects of presses and locates parts causing image problems

Printing paper automatic determination technology

Sensing and AI technology that automatically determines paper types influencing printing quality

Technology for On-demand bookbinding and post-processing

Post-processing technologies for paper processing to produce print products, from business cards to long sheets, with higher added value in-line

Real-time printed image analysis technology

Image analysis technology capable of automating image adjustments and control technology for feedback to image forming processing

Optimize printing workflow and maximize operational efficiency

Workflow automation technology developed in an agile way

Integrated print workflow environment, developed by a team who are familiar with the workflows of various printing setups, such as commercial printing companies, public institutions, universities and corporations.