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Professional Print

Expand customer's business by providing the highest productivity and quality in the industory

High-speed high-image-quality electrophotographic technology and high-speed paper feeding technology

Digital electrophotography processing technology that achieves both high productivity and image quality

Industry-leading quality achieved by outstanding design and development capabilities and detection and control technologies

Digital on-demand label printing technology

Paper roll printing technology for label printing

Meeting various needs of label printing based on digital on-demand solutions

Inkjet technology for commercial printing

High-speed, high-quality UV inkjet printing technology

Providing high-grade printing comparable to offset printing using robust machines

Transforming the industry's supply chain and preserve the global environment

Inkjet dyeing technology that eliminates wastewater disposal

Inkjet dyeing technology that achieves dry printing without wastewater

Reducing environmental pollution caused by wastewater and promoting on-demand digital dyeing

Reducing environmental impact and solving social issues

Material design technology for eco-friendly toner

Material design technology for functional toner

Designing toner with low environmental impact by saving energy with low-temperature fixing performance and using plant-derived substances

Adding value to printing and maximizing commercial printing productivity

Technology for quantifying printed image quality and diagnosing signs of defects

Technology for performing maintenance and remote diagnosis to identify signs of defects in printed image quality

Self-monitoring and restoration of image quality by presses to maximize the operating time

Printing paper automatic determination technology

Printing paper automatic determination technology

Automatically setting the optimal printing conditions for media by using sensors and AI

Technology for On-demand bookbinding and post-processing

Technology for on-demand bookbinding and post-processing

Seamless printing workflow achieved by digital presses

Real-time printed image analysis technology

Real-time printed image analysis technology

Automatic image adjustments by machines to always offer printing output under optimal conditions

Optimize printing workflow and maximize operational efficiency

Workflow automation technology developed in an agile way

Printing workflow optimization solutions for professionals

Automatically performing optimal processing and printing of document data depending on the final printed matter