enviromental technology

Recycling technology that expands the potential of waste plastics

Recycled plastics for a recycling-based society

Air cushioning system technology

The amount of resin materials used as packing materials has been reduced significantly by replacing blocks of conventional foamed resins with airbags having a proprietary structure.

Inkjet dyeing technology that eliminates wastewater disposal

Konica Minolta has created an eco-friendly dyeing technology that reduces wastewater and its disposal.

Material design technology for eco-friendly toner

New chemical toner that helps customers save energy and improve productivity

High-accuracy far-infrared glass lens technology

Earth- and user-friendly high-accuracy FIR glass lenses

Inkjet technology for commercial printing

Earth-friendly digital press capable of handling various commercial printing jobs

Inkjet technology for industrial use

monozukuri by inkjet technology

Technology to automatically make proposals for energy conservation at plants

Elimination of dependence on individual know-how in energy conservation diagnosis

Ink-non-contact PZT actuator technology

Long-term durability against a wide variety of functional inks and improved safety of discharged inks by a lead-free technology

Cerium oxide abrasive recycling technology

Effective use and recycling of rare earth materials

Material analysis technologies

Technologies for communicating with “materials = substances”