Technology for the future

Creating new value by integrating core technologies with the latest AI and IoT technologies

Automation technology to develop, operate, and improve AI

An AI technology operation system which can seamlessly handle development, operation, and improvement

Data science technology

Creation of data services using data science and promotion of DX

Odor detection technology

Technology to quantify odors using sensors combined with AI

Material analysis technologies

Various types of analysis technologies underlying material development and production control

Materials Informatics (MI)/Process Informatics (PI)

Establish innovative materials development techniques and production control technologies by combining the leading-edge techniques in materials science and information science

Human behavior recognition technology

Human behavior recognition technology with both high recognition accuracy and fast processing

Technology for hardware implementation of AI algorithms

High-level synthesis compiler NNgen for deploying a trained deep learning model on FPGA

Reducing environmental impact and solving social issues

Technology to automatically make proposals for energy conservation at plants

Proposal of energy conservation measures and effects based on the status of equipment

Cerium oxide abrasive recycling technology

Effective use of abrasive consisting of rare earth materials as main constituents