Contactless, remote anomaly detection and risk prediction

Nondestructive inspection technology for internal steel of bridges using magnetic IoT

A completely nondestructive solution that can visualize ruptures by applying magnetic forces to detect magentic forces generated by steel materials inside bridges

Image recognition technology to visualize unsafe behavior

Infrared image analysis technology

Technology that visualizes invisible gases

3D image analysis technology

3D gapless scan and moving object analysis technology

Overhead view-based behavior detection technology

Unobtrusive measurement of the behavior of a care receiver; a DX support for nursing care sites

Providing valuable components to accommodate industry evolution and diversification

Optical system design and evaluation technology enabling both outstanding optical performance and mass production

Two original simulation technologies and optical design know-how enable us to achieve mass-production of optical products that meet the required performance.

Glass-resin hybrid lens molding technology

Achieving more sophisticated characteristics with compact lenses by harnessing the advantages of two materials

Free-form surface processing technology for optical elements

Next-generation optical system realized by the highly flexible free-form surface

Small glass lens molding technology based on the droplet method

Konica Minolta’s unique direct molding technology enables glass molds with complex shape

Vapor deposition coating technology that controls the optical characteristics of lenses

Forming functional thin layer ranging from several nanometers to several micrometers on the surfaces of optical parts

Super hydrophobic coating technology

Invisible nanostructures are fabricated on the lens surface to achieve high durability and super hydrophobicity

High-durability hydrophilic coating technology

Providing highly durable hydrophilic property by fabricating invisible nanostructure on lens surfaces.

Mold fine shape processing and transfer technology

Diffraction, array, and free-form shapes are created on mold surfaces and transferred to resins and glass with accuracy.

High-accuracy far-infrared glass lens technology

Design and manufacture of arsenic- and selenium-free chalcogenide glass aspherical lenses

Inkjet technology for industrial use

Changing customers’ workflows by printing on things

Technology for enhancing the durability of IJ printheads

Compatibility with a wide variety of inks is ensured by our original material design technology.

High-gap ink ejection technology

Achieving high-quality character printing even when the gap between the IJ printhead and the media is large

Multi-row thin type actuator technology

Konica Minolta’s original harmonica structure chip

Ink-non-contact PZT actuator technology

Robustness against the ink chemical characteristics and a lead-free technology

Nozzle recirculation technology

Both excellent recirculation performance and stable jetting performance have been achieved by our proprietary double-direction recirculation structure.

Silicon nozzle technology

MEMS processing technology deployed to form silicon nozzles with high mechanical accuracy and jetting straightness

Solution casting technology for optical films

We offer high functionality and customer value to meet the changing needs of the display market.

Contribution to process innovation and high-quality manufacturing in the supply chain via visualization

Robot technology that changes manufacturing operations

Highly versatile robot technology that automates the production of smaller quantities of diverse products

Nondestructive inspection technology using X-ray Talbot-Lau interferometry

Aiming for application to CFRPs

Visual inspection technology

Inspection technology for detecting diverse types of defects

Automatic inspection technology for automotive production lines

Automatic inspections of paint defects and flush&gap of car body

Hyperspectral imaging technology (HSI)

Visualizing colors, components, and concentration with data based on high-accuracy 2D analysis

Photometric and colorimetric technologies

Technology for “color measurement” refined over a half century since photographic meters