Medical ultrasound imaging technology

A compact and high-quality-imaging medical ultrasound

Precise segmentation and left/right judgment technologies for digital radiography

Helping to improve the radiographic efficiency and reduce the burden on the patient

Dynamic digital radiography and image analysis technologies

A breakthrough in chest radiography through visualization of movement

Technology for quantifying printed image quality and diagnosing signs of defects

Enable predictive action and advance diagnosis of components requiring maintenance in workplaces without overlooking changes in image quality, and maximize the operating time

Robot technology that changes manufacturing operations

Creation of new manufacturing operations to meet diversifying needs

Printing paper automatic determination technology

Automating optimum printing settings for a wide variety of paper types

Data science technology

Supporting data utilization in all business fields

Data analytics and sensing technology for remote maintenance

Copying and printing workflows are kept running without problems for many years by remote maintenance, regardless of the usage and environment

High-speed high-image-quality electrophotographic technology and high-speed paper feeding technology

Helping customers who require mass customization capabilities to succeed based on industry-leading productivity and expressivity thanks to outstanding image quality

Digital on-demand label printing technology

Achieving personalized printing, including design and variable data printing, for various types of roll media uniqeu to digital solutions

Cutting-edge technologies for next-generation MFPs equipped with the latest SoC (System on Chip)

Konica Minolta provides strong support for digitizing office operations and reforming workstyles through state-of-the-art technologies

High-speed high-accuracy scanning technology

Konica Minolta’s stress-free scanning function meets the increasing demand for digitizing paper documents.

Inkjet dyeing technology that eliminates wastewater disposal

Konica Minolta has created an eco-friendly dyeing technology that reduces wastewater and its disposal.

Real-time printed image analysis technology

Konica Minolta’s technology performs the image adjustment process and the printed material inspection process, both of which require the “hands” and “eyes” of the operator, thus reliably maintaining the quality of printed matter.

Material design technology for eco-friendly toner

New chemical toner that helps customers save energy and improve productivity

Nondestructive inspection technology using X-ray Talbot-Lau interferometry

Aiming to contribute to a sustainable society by using more resins in vehicles

Visual inspection technology

Automated visual inspection process incorporating deep learning to overcome labor shortages and dependency on individual skills

Automatic inspection technology for automotive production lines

Our unique vision system enables customers to resolve problems with automatic inspections.

Inkjet technology for commercial printing

Earth-friendly digital press capable of handling various commercial printing jobs

Hyperspectral imaging technology (HSI)

Contributing to safety, security, and environmental science through component inspection

Photometric and colorimetric technologies

“Visualizing” light and colors and promoting digital quality control between supply chains

Inkjet technology for industrial use

monozukuri by inkjet technology

Ink-non-contact PZT actuator technology

Long-term durability against a wide variety of functional inks and improved safety of discharged inks by a lead-free technology

Nozzle recirculation technology

Adaptable to large-particle inks and drying inks, explore new applications of inkjet printers.

Silicon nozzle technology

Highly dot placement accuracy and a wide media gap for an increased range of printing applications involving three-dimensional objects

Human behavior recognition technology

Human behavior recognition technology refined through actual use cases

Image recognition technology to visualize unsafe behavior

Helping to improve the on-site environment by monitoring workers’ safety

Infrared image analysis technology

Contributing to safety and security by visualizing gases and reducing greenhouse gases

3D image analysis technology

Advanced security based on space detection using 3D LiDAR

Overhead view-based behavior detection technology

Improved productivity at nursing care sites and improved quality of nursing care

Technology for hardware implementation of AI algorithms

Helps quickly develop a fast and highly accurate edge AI system

LED dome display technology

Attracting visitors by delivering unprecedentedly realistic images

Bioimaging technology

Providing seamless solutions for drug discovery R&D

High-sensitivity quantitative protein analysis technology

A new method of tissue staining for quantitative and highly sensitive analysis

AI-OCR technology

Automatic Form Information Extraction free people from the tedious and error-prone task of typing