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Technology for quantifying printed image quality and diagnosing signs of defects

Technology for performing maintenance and remote diagnosis to identify signs of defects in printed image quality

Enable predictive action and advance diagnosis of components requiring maintenance in workplaces without overlooking changes in image quality, and maximize the operating time

Printing paper automatic determination technology

Printing paper automatic determination technology

Automating optimum printing settings for a wide variety of paper types

Technology for On-demand bookbinding and post-processing

Technology for on-demand bookbinding and post-processing

The workload of the production workflow, from the creation of business cards to catalog production, can be drastically reduced by an in-line process that integrates everything from printing to cutting and bookbinding

Workflow automation technology developed in an agile way

Printing workflow optimization solutions for professionals

Digitizing, automating and streamlining the printing workflow to drive digital transformation (DX) and maximize profits of the printing process

High-speed high-image-quality electrophotographic technology and high-speed paper feeding technology

Digital electrophotography processing technology that achieves both high productivity and image quality

Helping customers who require mass customization capabilities to succeed based on industry-leading productivity and expressivity thanks to outstanding image quality

Digital on-demand label printing technology

Paper roll printing technology for label printing

Achieving personalized printing, including design and variable data printing, for various types of roll media uniqeu to digital solutions

Cutting-edge technologies for next-generation MFPs equipped with the latest SoC (System on Chip)

MFPs equipped with the latest SoC (System-on-a-Chip) and cloud linkage technologies

Konica Minolta provides strong support for digitizing office operations and reforming workstyles through state-of-the-art technologies

High-speed high-accuracy scanning technology

High-speed, high-accuracy scanning technology

Konica Minolta’s stress-free scanning function meets the increasing demand for digitizing paper documents.

Inkjet dyeing technology that eliminates wastewater disposal

Inkjet dyeing technology that achieves dry printing without wastewater

Konica Minolta has created an eco-friendly dyeing technology that reduces wastewater and its disposal.

Real-time printed image analysis technology

Real-time printed image analysis technology

Konica Minolta’s technology performs the image adjustment process and the printed material inspection process, both of which require the “hands” and “eyes” of the operator, thus reliably maintaining the quality of printed matter.

Material design technology for eco-friendly toner

Material design technology for functional toner

New chemical toner that helps customers save energy and improve productivity

Inkjet technology for commercial printing

High-speed, high-quality UV inkjet printing technology

Earth-friendly digital press capable of handling various commercial printing jobs