Glass-resin hybrid lens molding technology

Realizing new optical systems by using dual-function lenses

Free-form surface processing technology for optical elements

Space-saving, high-resolution next-generation optical elements realized by free-form surfaces

Small glass lens molding technology based on the droplet method

Producing complicated and high-accuracy small-diameter glass lenses based on unique technology

Medical ultrasound imaging technology

A compact and high-quality-imaging medical ultrasound

Super hydrophobic coating technology

Super hydrophobic coating for a clear view

High-durability hydrophilic coating technology

High-durability hydrophilic coating for clear view

Mold fine shape processing and transfer technology

Various functions can be appended to products by microfabrication on molds.

Inkjet technology for industrial use

monozukuri by inkjet technology

Technology for enhancing the durability of IJ printheads

IJ printheads can withstand diverse uses, suitable for water-based inks and industrial applications.

High-gap ink ejection technology

Achieving high-quality character printing on nonplanar base materials and three-dimensional objects by taking advantage of a large gap

Multi-row thin type actuator technology

IJ printheads equipped with a harmonica structure actuator ideal for high definition and high productivity in industrial fields

Ink-non-contact PZT actuator technology

Long-term durability against a wide variety of functional inks and improved safety of discharged inks by a lead-free technology

Nozzle recirculation technology

Adaptable to large-particle inks and drying inks, explore new applications of inkjet printers.

Silicon nozzle technology

Highly dot placement accuracy and a wide media gap for an increased range of printing applications involving three-dimensional objects