optical design

Optical system design and evaluation technology enabling both outstanding optical performance and mass production

Even very complicated optical systems can be smoothly mass-produced by accurately predicting mass production performance from the design stage.

Glass-resin hybrid lens molding technology

Realizing new optical systems by using dual-function lenses

Free-form surface processing technology for optical elements

Space-saving, high-resolution next-generation optical elements realized by free-form surfaces

Small glass lens molding technology based on the droplet method

Producing complicated and high-accuracy small-diameter glass lenses based on unique technology

Vapor deposition coating technology that controls the optical characteristics of lenses

Optical performance is improved by forming a thin layer depending on the required function.

Printing paper automatic determination technology

Automating optimum printing settings for a wide variety of paper types

High-speed high-image-quality electrophotographic technology and high-speed paper feeding technology

Helping customers who require mass customization capabilities to succeed based on industry-leading productivity and expressivity thanks to outstanding image quality

Mold fine shape processing and transfer technology

Various functions can be appended to products by microfabrication on molds.

Inkjet dyeing technology that eliminates wastewater disposal

Konica Minolta has created an eco-friendly dyeing technology that reduces wastewater and its disposal.

Real-time printed image analysis technology

Konica Minolta’s technology performs the image adjustment process and the printed material inspection process, both of which require the “hands” and “eyes” of the operator, thus reliably maintaining the quality of printed matter.

High-accuracy far-infrared glass lens technology

Earth- and user-friendly high-accuracy FIR glass lenses

Photometric and colorimetric technologies

“Visualizing” light and colors and promoting digital quality control between supply chains

Solution casting technology for optical films

Polymeric optical film-casting methods and transform from TAC to SANUQI

Infrared image analysis technology

Contributing to safety and security by visualizing gases and reducing greenhouse gases

3D image analysis technology

Advanced security based on space detection using 3D LiDAR