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Genetic testing technology

Offering clinical genetic testing mainly in the field of cancer

Genetic testing technology

Early detection changes the future

Japan has entered a new era of utilizing each person’s genetic information for disease prevention and treatment. Based on our sophisticated bioscience platform that handles numerous advanced tests with accumulated databases and expertise, we will accelerate precision medicine in clinical practice to help patients manage their health, from prediction to prognosis using our visualization technology.

Technology Overview

Ambry Genetics Corporation, part of the Konica Minolta Group since 2017, possesses cutting-edge genetic diagnosis and analysis technology. Their sophisticated product development capabilities, advanced test processing competencies, variety of test items and overwhelming strength in the genetic counselor channel made them a leader in the U.S. market for genetic testing, primarily in the rapidly growing field of oncology. The company, which started the world’s first-ever exome analysis testing for diagnostic purposes, offers genetic tests in a variety of clinical fields, including hereditary tumors, heart disease, respiratory disease and neurological disorders. To date, the company’s large-scale, cutting-edge laboratory in California has amassed a track record of more than 1 million genetic tests on approximately 500 genes.

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