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Infrared image analysis technology

Visualizing invisible gases to ensure security and safety and reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Infrared image analysis technology

Contributing to safety and security by visualizing gases and reducing greenhouse gases

As countermeasures against global warming have become a global challenge, the use of natural gas, which has a low global warming potential, is increasing.

To mitigate the safety issues of gases and contribute to the stable operation of plants, etc., Konica Minolta provides a technology that visualizes invisible gases.

By preventing gas leaks, Konica Minolta also helps companies solve issues to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Technology Overview

The infrared image analysis technology detects the optical absorption characteristics of gases with an ultra-high-sensitivity infrared sensor and visualizes gases that are invisible to the naked eye.

Gases (hydrocarbon gases) have an optical absorption band near 3.3 μm and are characterized by slight damping of background radiation energy. By applying our exclusively developed image processing to this fine change in signal detected by the ultra-high-sensitivity infrared sensor, which has a sensitivity band at 3.3 μm, gases are clearly visualized.

Konica Minolta has also developed an AI algorithm (FORXAI Imaging AI), which estimates the positions and amounts of gas leaks from processed images.

Image captured by gas leak inspection camera

A visible image and a gas image are superimposed on each other.

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